This Parent Portal is available to current families participating in the LUNCH GroupsĀ® School Year 2018-19 Program.

LUNCH Points is our home generalization program. Parents choose any one of 80 possible behaviors which is presented to their child or teen as a certificate (believe it or not, the teens love this, they just won't show it). The certificate is brought to group where the student reads it aloud to peers and receives raffle tickets as determined by the group.

Adrian test - do not use

Participating families have access to monthly recorded webinars (School Year program) or weekly recorded webinars (Summer Intensive). Users can view previously recorded webinars and make comments or ask questions.

Monthly office meetings (weekly during the summer program) are held where parents have an opportunity to view videos of their children, discuss and review effective parental strategies, and ask general questions pertaining to their child's situation, including their educational services.